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Best 33 Types of Buttons In 2024 – For Clothing & Accessories

There are many types of buttons that can be used for clothing. The most common type is the round button, which is often used for shirts and other garments. Other types of buttons include flat buttons, which are often used for pants. snap buttons are commonly used for jeans and other casual wear; and magnetic buttons, are often used for coats and other outerwear.

Buttons can also be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and even glass. The most common type of button is the metal button, which is often made from brass, nickel, or silver.

Plastic buttons are also popular, as they are often more affordable than metal buttons, Wood buttons are another option, although they are not as common as metal or plastic buttons. Glass buttons are also available, but they are less durable than other types of buttons and can be more difficult to find. You can check all types of buttons on this page.

What is Button?

A button is a small, round, often metal or plastic disc that can be sewn or attached to clothing and other materials. Buttons are commonly used to fasten or secure two pieces of fabric together. We can use buttons for decoration ornaments on clothing. In addition to being functional, buttons can also add a visual element to a garment or other item.

Button sizes are typically described by their diameter in millimeters or inches. Buttons are present with a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, glass, and bone. Custom buttons are also using with a wide range of designs, including logos, images, and text.

Buttons are most commonly attached to garments using thread, but they can also be glued or sewn on.

How To Choose Buttons?

When choosing buttons for clothing, it is important to consider the type of fabric the clothing is made from. Buttons made from metal or plastic can often damage delicate fabrics, so it is important to choose buttons that are designed for the fabric of the clothing. Wood and glass buttons are generally safe for all types of fabrics, but it is still a good idea to check with the manufacturer of the clothing to be sure.

While choosing types of buttons keep the following things in mind.

  • Color
  • Size
  • Type
  • Style
  • Quality

It is also important to consider the size of the button when choosing buttons for clothing. Buttons that are too large can be uncomfortable to wear, and buttons that are too small can be difficult to button. The best way to determine the right size button for clothing is to try on the clothing before purchasing it. This will allow you to see how the buttons look and feel on the garment and will help you choose the right size button for your clothing.

When choosing buttons for clothing, it is also important to consider the color of the button. Button colors can range from white to black, and they can also come in a variety of other colors. The most popular button colors are usually white or black, but there are also a number of other colors that can be chosen.

Fashion Tip- It is important to choose a color that will match the color of the clothing, as well as the color of the buttons on the garment.

Finally, it is also important to consider the style of the button when choosing buttons for clothing. Buttons can be either flat or raised. The most common button styles are round, oval, square, and heart-shaped.

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All Types of Button For Clothing

These are all kinds of buttons usually present in markets.

  1. Plastic Button
  2. Metal Button
  3. Shank Button
  4. Wooden Button
  5. Fabric Button
  6. Toggle Button
  7. Snap Button
  8. Decorative Button
  9. Shell Button
  10. Bead Button
  11. Flat Button
  12. Hook & Eye Button
  13. Lapel Button
  14. Pearl Button
  15. Leather Button
  16. Jeans Button
  17. Horn Button
  18. Kont/shank Button
  19. Press Button
  20. Novelty Button
  21. Rhinestone Button
  22. Antler Button
  23. Abalone Button
  24. Frog Button
  25. Screw On Button
  26. Polyester Button
  27. Resin Button
  28. Coconut Button
  29. Rubber Button
  30. Enamel Button
  31. Rivets Button
  32. Covered Button
  33. Nylon Button

1- Plastic Button

Plastic Button | Best Types of Buttons

Plastic buttons are a common sight in many different kinds of garments and products. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, and can be made from different kinds of plastic. Plastic buttons are easy to use and care for, and they’re very affordable. Buttons made from plastic can be sewn or glued onto fabric, and they can be made into a variety of different designs. You can find plastic buttons in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles to suit your needs.

2- Metal Button

Metal Button

A metal button is a type of button that is made out of metal. Metal buttons are often used on clothing, such as shirts and jackets, but can also be used for other purposes, such as on bags and wallets. Metal buttons come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be either plain or decorated.

3- Shank Button

Shank Button

The shank button is a type of button that is sewn onto clothing with a small metal loop or “shank” attached to the back. This type of button is often used on heavier fabrics such as denim or tweed. Shank buttons are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, making them versatile enough to suit any project.

While shank buttons are most commonly seen on jeans and other casual garments, they can also be used to add a touch of refinement to more formal wear.

4- Wooden Button

Wooden Button

Wooden buttons are a beautiful and unique way to add a touch of nature to your clothing. They can be made from a variety of woods, including maple, oak, cherry, and walnut. Wooden buttons are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose buttons that are round, oval, square, or rectangular. You can also choose buttons that are carved or painted. Wooden buttons are a great way to add a unique touch to your clothing.

5- Fabric Button

Fabric Button

There are different types of fabric buttons, each with its own unique properties. The most common type of fabric button is the flat-backed button, which is made from a single piece of fabric. These buttons are often used for clothing and other garments because they lay flat against the fabric and do not protrude.

6- Toggle Button

Toggle Button

A toggle button is a fastening device used to secure two pieces of fabric or other material together. Toggle buttons are often used on coats, sweaters, and other garments where a small, simple closure is needed. They can also be used as decorative elements on bags, purses, and other accessories.

Toggle buttons usually consist of a small disc or bar, called a toggle, that is attached to one end of a cord or loop of material. The other end of the cord is passed through a loop or hole in the second piece of fabric, and then the toggle is pulled back through the loop. This locks the two pieces of fabric together.

7- Snap Button

Snap | Type of Button

The snap button, also called a press stud, popper, or snap fastener, is a type of closure used on clothing and other items. Snap buttons are typically made of metal or plastic and consist of two parts: a prong with a hole.

The two pieces are held together by a spring, and when the prong is pushed through the hole, it pops back into place, holding the two pieces together. Snap buttons are used on a variety of items, including shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, and dresses. They are also commonly used on baby clothes and diapers.

8- Decorative Button

Decorative Button

Decorative buttons are a great way to add a personal touch to your clothing. They can be used to accentuate a particular feature or simply add a bit of fun and flair. You can get custom decorative buttons with your own design.

9- Shell Button

Shell Button

Shell buttons are made from the shells of mollusks, such as oysters and clams. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, and are popular today due to their unique appearance.

10- Bead Button

Bead Button

A bead button is a type of button that consists of a small, round bead sewn onto the fabric. Bead buttons are the decorative elements of clothing in shirts, blouses, and dresses. The common use of bead buttons is in cardigans and jackets. Bead buttons come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.

11- Flat Button

Flat Button

Flat button buttons are sewn onto clothing for both decorative and functional purposes. Buttons may be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, or bone.

12- Hook & Eye Button

Hook & Eye Button | Types of Buttons

Hook and eye button is a kind of fastener used in clothing. It consists of a small hook on one side and a loop on the other side. Hook and eye buttons are use to fasten two pieces of fabric together. It often works for garments such as skirts, dresses, bras, and belts.

13- Lapel Button

Lapel Button

A lapel button is a small decorative button that is attached to the lapel of a garment. Lapel buttons are often used as a way to add decorative detail to an outfit, and they can also be used as functional buttons.

14- Pearl Button

Pearl Button

A pearl button is a small, round button typically made from mother-of-pearl. Pearl buttons are often used as decorative accents on clothing, particularly on formal wear such as suits and shirts. They can also be used to fasten other garments such as gloves. Pearl buttons may be sewn onto clothing by hand or machine.

15- Leather Button

Leather Button

Leather buttons are often used in clothing, particularly in outerwear such as coats and jackets. They add a touch of luxury and style to an outfit, and can also be practical, durable and easy to care for.

16- Jeans Button

Jeans Button

Jeans button is a type of closure often used on jeans and other types of clothing. It consists of a metal or plastic button that is attached to the garment with a thread loop. The button is then inserted into a corresponding hole on the other side of the garment, which secures it in place.

17- Horn Button

Horn Button

Horn button is a type of button that is made from the horn of an animal, usually a cow. These buttons are usually found on formal wear, such as suits and tuxedos. They are also used on some traditional garments, such as the Scottish kilt.

18- Kont/Shank Button

Kont/Shank Button

The Kont/Shank button is one of the common types of buttons. It is made up of two parts: the shank, which is the metal or plastic rod that goes through the fabric, and the kont, which is the larger, decorative part that covers the shank.

19- Press Button

Press Button

Press button clothing is a type of clothing that has buttons on the front, typically near the waistline. The buttons are usually made of plastic or metal, and they are attached to the fabric with small loops of thread. Press button clothing is easy to put on and take off, and it can be adjusted to fit a variety of body shapes.

20- Novelty Button

Novelty Button

A novelty button is a decorative button often used on clothing. They are sometimes made from different materials than the rest of the garment, such as metal or plastic, and can be sewn on or attached with a pin. Novelty buttons are also often much larger than functional buttons and may be decorated with images or words. Some people collect novelty buttons as a hobby.

Novelty buttons are often used as a way to add personality to a garment or to make a statement. They can be humorous, political, or simply decorative. Many people enjoy wearing novelty buttons as a way to express their individual style.

21- Rhinestone Button

Rhinestone Button

Rhinestone button is usually made of glass or crystal, and it has a shiny and sparkly appearance. These buttons can add a touch of glamour and elegance to any outfit, and they are often used on formal wear or evening wear.

22- Antler Button

Antler Button

An Antler Button is a type of button that is made from the antlers of deer, elk, or moose. These buttons are typically used for clothing, such as shirts, coats, and jackets. The most common type of antler button is the two-hole button.

23- Abalone Button

Abalone Button

An abalone button is made from the shell of an abalone. Abalone buttons are often decorative, with a glossy or descent appearance. They may be sewn onto garments as a fastening, or used as a decorative element. Abalone buttons are also sometimes used in jewelry.

24- Frog Button

Frog Button

Frog Button is made from a piece of cloth or leather that is sewn onto the garment. The frog button is then fastened to the garment with a thread or string. Frog buttons are often used on coats and jackets. The common use of these buttons in some types of trousers.

25- Screw On Button

Screw On Button

Screw-on buttons is made of two parts: the top part, which has a hole in the center, and the bottom part, which has a screw-like mechanism. The two parts are screwed together to fasten the button to the fabric.

26- Polyester Button

Polyester Button

Polyester buttons are strong and durable. However, polyester buttons can also be quite shiny, which may not be the look you’re going for. If you’re looking for a more matte finish, you can try painting the button with a coat of matte nail polish. Let the polish dry completely before wearing the garment.

27- Resin Button

Resin Button

If you’re looking for a unique way to add a touch of style to your clothing, consider using resin buttons. Resin buttons are made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and even wood.

28- Coconut Button

Coconut Button

Coconut button is an important element in many types of clothing. It is a small, round button typically made from coconut shells. Coconut button is used to fasten shirts, dresses, blouses, and other garments. It can also be used as decoration on clothing or as part of a jewelry design.

29- Rubber Button

Rubber Button

Rubber buttons are commonly use in outerwear such as coats and raincoats. They are also used on some types of shoes, such as rubber-soled sneakers. Rubber buttons are less likely to come undone than other types of buttons, making them ideal for garments that will be worn in inclement weather.

30- Enamel Button

Enamel Button

Enamel buttons are a type of button typically made from a metal base that is coated in enamel, which gives them a glossy finish. The buttons are available in a wide range of colors, making them perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit.

31- Rivets Button

Rivets Button

The Rivets Button is one of the best types of buttons made up of two parts: the front and back. The front part is typically made of metal, plastic, or wood, while the back part is usually made of cloth. The front part of the button has a hole in it, through which the back part is inserted. The back part of the button is then sewn onto the clothing.

32- Covered Button

Covered Button | Types of Buttons

A covered button is a small, often round piece of fabric that is sewn over a button to provide both decoration and additional support. The covering can be made from a wide variety of materials, including cloth, felt, leather, or even metal. In addition to being used on clothing, covered buttons are also commonly used in upholstery.

33- Nylon Button

Nylon | Best Type of Button

Nylon buttons are a type of button typically used on clothing. These buttons are made from a synthetic plastic material, which is why they’re often called “plastic buttons.” Nylon buttons are strong and durable, making them ideal for heavy-duty garments like jackets and coats. They’re also resistant to water and heat, so they won’t warp or melt in the wash.

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How To Choose Button Size?

The average size of a clothing button is about 0.75 inches in diameter. Buttons come in all sorts of sizes, from very small (0.25 inches) to very large (2 inches or more). The most common size for buttons is probably around 0.5 to 1 inch. Buttons are usually made to match the size of the garment they will be used on. For example, a button for a shirt is usually smaller than a button for a coat.

The size of a button also depends on the style of the clothing. A button-down shirt will have smaller buttons than a jacket.

Fashion Tip- Buttons on formal wear are often larger and more ornate than those on casual clothing.

The size of a button can also be a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer smaller buttons, while others like larger ones. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the size of a button, so it is really up to the individual to decide what looks best.

Button Size Chart

Button Size - mmButton Size - InchesButton Size - Ligne





Types of Button Conclusion

You can choose the best type of button according to your interest. Different types of buttons are used in clothing. Each type of button has its own unique function and purpose. The most common types of buttons used in clothing are snap buttons, shirt buttons, and jeans buttons.

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